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Narcotics Anonymous meetings began forming in western Virginia in the early 1980s. At that time, the Blue Ridge Area of NA (BRANA) included most of the state west of Richmond; about eight meetings were scattered across the area.  In 1981 NA meetings were started in  Harrisonburg and Waynesboro. 

Over a period of time, meetings in Charlottesville, Winchester and Roanoke formed their own area service committees.

Today, the Blue Ridge Area of NA has meetings in: Clifton Forge, Covington, Fishersville, Harrisonburg, Lexington, Luray, New Market, Raphine, Staunton, and Waynesboro, Virginia.

The Blue Ridge Area Service Committee is a body made up of group service representatives (GSRs), ASC Trusted Servant elected officers and chairpersons of all standing subcommittees within the Blue Ridge Area. This body meets each month on the second Sunday of each month in Verona, VA. at 4pm for the purpose of serving the needs of its members and our Home-groups.

The most important service that this committee provides is support for its home groups. Whenever a group has a specific situation or need which it has not been able to handle on its own, it can come to the area service committee (ASC) for help. These situations are almost limitless in scope, but we have learned that we can get much accomplished when we work together. 

The Area Service Committee coordinates  NA services and assists people seeking help from Narcotics Anonymous. The ASC publishes a Meeting List, maintains this Web-Site, organizes social events to encourage fellowship and promote unity, carries NA meetings into jails and institutions, and maintains a stockpile of NA literature for sale. Our ASC also engages in outreach activities to help struggling groups, and homebound members, as well as public relation efforts to the general public, counseling, treatment, medical professionals, schools, churches and members of the criminal justice system.

9 Responses to About BRANA

  1. Shani H. says:

    137 days til BRANA 31!! Woohoo!!! I <3 BRANA!!!

  2. Andy C says:

    I was at the first NA meeting in Harrisonburg, VA. with my sponsor Richard S., Judith C., her daughter, and Larry N. It was in a little church basement, until it moved into a bigger location off U.S. 33, if I remember correctly. I was at James Madison University and in need of help and they saved my life. I am so happy that BRANA has become the organization it has over the years. I’ve been to several of the camp-outs and would like to make the one this summer 2012. Please fill me in on how I can get tickets, and if it’s still being held at the Natural Chimneys. Thank you, Andy

    • Judith C. says:

      Hi Andy – Do hope you make it to BRANA this year (2012). Please look me up. I will be there on Friday and Saturday although I may not be camping. I don’t think you made the first meeting in Harrisonburg as they were at the treatment center however that was the first meeting at that little church. We got kicked out of there because Richard would not stop smoking in the church. I would love to see you again and find out how you are doing.

  3. William S says:

    Can’t wait for brana 31. My first was brana 30. I’m so excited. Thank-you for such an awesome experience.

  4. Deborah Valdez says:

    I don’t know what to do… I need help! I need someone to talk to! I have an addiction to prescription pain pills!

    • Web Admin says:

      Hi Deborah. Check our meeting list for the location of a meeting near you. Our meetings are welcoming and open to the public, and you will find someone there who will be willing to talk to you about your problem. If you need help getting to a meeting, call the help-line at 1-800-777-1515, and ask to be connected to someone from the BRANA area. Someone will contact you directly, and arrange a ride to a meeting for you. Thank you for contacting us. Take care.

  5. I am a recovering addict and live in the stanley area of page county and would like to find any local meetings i could attend. Thanks for your help.

  6. Leslie Oates says:

    I am desperately trying to find some information regarding help for families dealing with a drug/alcohol addicted family member. Everything i find is just about the addict or is too far away from Harrisonburg, VA.
    I sure could use some help! I’m quite overwhelmed, frightened and extremely concerned for my son. I would appreciate any help you could give me.

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