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BRANA Campout LogoThe BRANA Campout is held each year on the third weekend of July at Natural Chimneys Campground, located near Mount Solon in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

This campout is NOT a part of the Blue Ridge Area of N.A. It does not coordinate or cooperate with the BRANA Area Service Committee.  It is organized and put on by NA members who may live in the general geographic area of Blue Ridge Area of NA.

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  1. Lloyd N says:

    Looking forward to this event as I do every year!

  2. John H. (aka Papa Smurf) says:

    Been looking forward to BRANA since I left last year. Been coming here off and on since around 1989. So glad I can offer my services to NA. I hope BRANA will allow me to airbrush tattoos on kids 12 and under again this year. It really helps me because I can finally give back to society for what I’ve taken in my addiction.
    Love you
    Papa Smurf

  3. Adrian G. says:

    First time at BRANA this weekend. It was the best event that I have been to in NA. I am so looking forward to going back next year!!!

  4. Mark E says:

    Not sure if this is the right site for suggestions on the theme. Kinda figured it will get there anyway. My suggestion is “Carrying the Message”

  5. Kelley Swann says:

    It will be bittersweet because Erin C. will not be there. Erin got me passionate again about camping at BRANA. This will be my third year in a row. Erin missed last year due to a wedding & now she has passed away. Peeps from Roanoke will be in the J-Loop. Rest in Peace Erin C. You are missed! Freedom through the steps and I can’t wait to bring my son to his second Brana. He was 12 last year & I never had taken him to a weekend event. All the recovery kids finally wore him out. He slept the whole way home from Brana! We are both looking forward to July 2014!

  6. Phil Orlick says:

    Would like to register for BRANA campout. But I cannot find how to do that on website. Help!
    Phil O.

  7. Phil Orlick says:

    How do I register for the Campout?

  8. john saccente says:

    Hi addict John from Long island NY. I was at this campout 3xs in the mid 90s
    Was wondering if any of the crew I meet at WCNA in OR and Toronto…still go to this campout …Matt ..Richy many others that I cant remember ur names ..if so contact me @ …..

  9. julie nicholson says:

    BRANA is one of my favorite events in NA to date.Been to World ect… and am so looking forward to camping this year! my grandson,dog Anita and myself will be there three days before campout, we will be at site b-2.So if I can help anyone (am willing) let me know.Lov you brothers and sisters in recovery!!

  10. Teddie says:


  11. Kelley Swann says:

    Checking in to see when the dates are for Brana so I can come in July. I have to request off -“Procrastination is one of our greatest enemies!
    “Fan the flame of desire…” and praying for less rain in 2015!

  12. Geoff D says:

    The date for the 34th Annual Campout is July 17-19, 2015. See you all there….

  13. Jimmy B says:

    I just registered. Haven’t been to BRANA in over close to 20 years

  14. Denise Y says:

    Wondering if anyone in the area is open to a road trip on Saturday to Roanoke to help with a workshop on steps? Want someone with clear NA message, having worked all 12, to share on 7-9, and 10-12 …. had some last minute cancellations due to car issues …

  15. John Halterman says:

    I would like to make a comment and request for the BRANA campout. I’ve been attending the BRANA campout since around 1989 and have loved this event and look forward to coming back each year. This past year was a not so good experience for me, I’ll explain; the campground rules are that ALL pets are to be on a leash at ALL times. This past campout, I had my dog with me as previous years, she (my dog) is like one of my kids and the whole weekend she was tethered on a runner line or on a leash when I took her in the tent to sleep each night. On Sunday before the morning speaker meeting I was called back to my campsite because my dog and another dog got into a fight and a girl was bitten by my dog when she tried to break up the fight. The other dog was not on a leash and was allowed to run free and came onto my campsite. I was asked why I did not have a sign up warning about my dog? I was furious, but kept my cool. I have concern for the girl who was bitten but am also asking why a sign? My dog has never bitten anyone before and putting up a sign does not mean you can let your dog run free. After all, dogs can’t read and should be kept on a leash. If the owner or anyone allowing their pets to run free at this campout in the future, I think, in my opinion, they should be asked to leave, even if it’s ME. The BRANA campout does not need incidents as this to jeopardize losing this facility because owners of pets don’t follow the rules.

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